Music Waves International is an Event Management company that provides several services like Catering, Artist Management, Recording Studio, Lites, Modeling Shoots, TV Commercials, Website Designing, Call Center Support, Strategy Plans, Marketing etc,.. We also promotes new and existing talents in domestic and international market, Music Waves International was Founded by Waseem Abbas in 2013, with the core of the business being focused in Event Management. MWI has offices in Lahore, PAKISTAN and Toronto, Canada offering its artist clients support all around the world. In both Pakistan and Canada combines its offices with integral recording studios available to its artists.

CEO at www.oqmanagement.com Mr.Omar Qamar is our Official Partner in Oakville, Canada.

Mrs.Hina Waseem is the pioneer Director at Music Waves International.

Music Waves International employs managers who come from various facets of the music industry, bringing with them an array of experience at major record labels, radio, talent booking and business affairs.

We offer you a suitable service for your festivals and music events no matter how big or how small it is. We take great pride that these are all offered from our ‘In House’ team using the knowledge and experiences we have gained over the past 10 years. We are always investing in new technologies and practices so that our services remain up to date and productivity can be utilized on your event.

MWI always prefer to provide Best and Consistent Services to its Clients.

Our Expertise